The Socorro Electric Cooperative (SEC) announced their plans to bring broadband internet to the Magdalena. The SEC has received $5 million from the Connect New Mexico Pilot Program to create the infrastructure necessary for the region to have access to high-speed internet.

It’s estimated that around 300 homes, businesses, and institutions will benefit from the project. Among those impacted include the Magdalena school district, small businesses, and telehealth services.

(KRQE) Plan to expand broadband services comes to Magdalena

A grant has been announced to help a rural community grow its tech scene. The Office of Broadband Access and Expansion (OBAE) released information on a program and the grant involved.

The grant will be given to Socorro Electric Cooperative (SEC), and it is a part of the Connect New Mexico Pilot Program.

“This project kickstarts the State’s broadband investment into Socorro County and brings connectivity to the currently unserved community of Magdalena. Its 300 residents will have access to a future-proof, scalable fiber-to-the-premise network,” said OBAE Director Kelly Schlegel. “This project’s middle-mile span will further spur Socorro’s fiber expansion into other communities in Socorro County. We can only imagine the innovation that will be stimulated by this generational investment, especially in the region’s growing space economy.”

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(DC Chieftain) HIGH SPEED: Magdalena to leapfrog into 21st century internet

Socorro Electric Cooperative wants to leave things better than it found them, and it’s prepared to put its money at stake in a high-speed internet project coming to Magdalena.

SEC is one of four recipients splitting up a $38.6 million grant through the Connect New Mexico Pilot Program to bring Red Bolt Broadband access across New Mexico.

Magdalena is a pilot project for SEC, and it is expected to cost between $7-10 million to bring hard-wire fiber internet to the premises.

In addition to providing the infrastructure and labor, SEC is kicking in $1.3 million as part of matching funds for the project, which is expected to cost $29,000 each for an estimated 300 structures, homes or businesses in Magdalena.

“We are looking to leave it better than we found it,” SEC general manager Joseph Herrera said following a press conference at the Magdalena Village Hall on Nov. 29.

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