Kendall Schroeder, the owner of the Wandering Scorpion in Socorro talks about why she started her food cart.

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Interviewer: Kendall, can you please introduce yourself and introduce your company?

Kendall: So, I’m Kendall Schroeder, my business is The Wandering Scorpion, and it’s just a little food cart that I take around town and take around to different events. I think I started back on June 27th of last year. So, I’ve only been operating a little over a year now. It’s been such an adventure to navigate and go through, but it’s been amazing.

I’m so glad that I was able to buy the cart. I bought it back in February of last year. I was working at Chartwells originally, and then finished out the semester and started The Wandering Scorpion.

Interviewer: What made you want to start The Wandering Scorpion?

Kendall: I went to culinary school back in 2015 to 2016. Then in 2018, my husband and I moved here(Socorro) and I originally was going to start the business. I had applied for a loan to get an enclosed trailer, but COVID hit the week I was going to get it. We went into lockdown the week I was supposed to hear back on my loan, and I was like, “No, it’s not going through. It’s not happening.”

So I waited a little bit and there’s another food cart in town called Cubish, and I was like, “If we ever see them selling that cart, we’re buying it.” And they put it up for sale. My husband and I were like, “Let’s go. Like, let’s get it.”, My husband is a student at New Mexico Tech, and it was just kind of hard trying to balance. We had our son in 2021, and it’s hard to balance. We don’t have a lot of family down here or any family for that matter, and there’s no childcare in town for children under three. 

So yeah, it was kind of crazy. So we were like, “We need something that will sustain our family and that would allow us to bring our son with us.” So we bought the cart, and Charlie and I have just been running around doing events since then, so it’s been amazing.

Interviewer: Wow. That’s like the scrappy American dream right there. That is so cool.

Kendall: Yeah, it’s amazing. I’m really grateful that everything kind of fell into place, and we were able to get the cart and start the business. Charlie comes along with me, and it’s really been amazing. The community is so great. They’re so supportive and I think that they really love to support these small businesses. 

Interviewer: You just said that you guys moved down here. Where are you originally from, Kendall?

Kendall: I’m from Kalispell, Montana. My husband was going to go to school in Bozeman, Montana, but the college there wanted like $40,000 a year, whereas Tech (New Mexico Tech) is $40,000 for four years. We flew down here, checked out the college, found a place to live, and we moved down here within like a week of all of that. 

So it was crazy. I think down here, we’re two or three hours from the Mexican border, whereas where I’m from, we’re 30 minutes from the Canadian border. So it’s kind of funny how, you know, we went border to border, but It’s great. I really love New Mexico and Socorro has grown on me a lot. Love the town.

It’s been such an amazing place to start our family, start our business, and kind of get the hang of life, I guess. But it’s been a great start for us. We’ll forever be grateful for Socorro, that’s for sure.