Socorro Regional Commercial Kitchen, formerly Socorro Community Kitchen, is a one-of-a-kind kitchen facility certified by the New Mexico Environment Department.

The kitchen is available for rent to individuals, small businesses, food truck owners, charities, temporary workshops, and more.

Advantages of Using a Certified Kitchen Facility

With our equipment, space, and certification, the Socorro Regional Commercial Kitchen offers a unique opportunity for our area. Individuals, groups, and small businesses can rent out our kitchen for $7 per hour or $9 for non-residents.

They can then use it to produce food products, support a fundraiser dinner, or do anything our facility is certified for. 

For instance, our kitchen is approved for preparing food products served to the public. The New Mexico Homemade Food Act allows people to prepare certain shelf-stable foods, like baked goods, jams, and jellies, at home. However, meals that require refrigeration and special preservation can only be prepared in a certified commissary. Renters can use our kitchen to complete those food preparations because we’re certified.

Small business owners can also use our kitchen to scale up without the upfront cost of moving to a fully-equipped commercial kitchen facility, especially when selling homemade food products. The kitchen acts as a stepping stone in that way.

Who Uses the SRCK? 

Our kitchen has had several clients, including entrepreneurs and small businesses from outside Socorro. We had a client come all the way from Albuquerque, stay overnight at a hotel, and work in our kitchen the next day.

Currently, we have five regular users, including a couple of bakers who sell at the Socorro Farmers Market. We’ve had clients in the past who have used our kitchen to make syrups, jellies, and sauces. 

One of our members has a food truck selling sandwiches, brownies, and cookies, and they use our kitchen as a commissary. 

Another client is the Desert Badger Baking Company, which uses the kitchen largely to prepare cookies for big events. You can make several hundred cookies in just an hour or two.

How Our Kitchen Impacts Our Community

The Socorro Regional Commercial Kitchen has been around for several years, with some clients using it for nearly a decade. We have commercial and personal food preparation equipment and a storage facility for overflow.

You can find large mixers, sinks, refrigerators, and ovens for larger production, especially for baked goods. Groups and organizations rent the kitchen regularly for fundraiser dinners, while small business owners use it to prepare meals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The kitchen offers startups and home businesses a place to scale up before going fully commercial. Commercial kitchen equipment usually costs around $2,000 on the low end, so startups need tens of thousands of dollars to set up a certified kitchen. We offer one for just $7 per hour. 

We also recently received a grant for upgrades, so we’ll soon install new ovens, refrigerators, tables, and microwaves.

Plus, we’re proud to work with schools and cooking instructors who want to use the facility for training and holding cooking workshops. We have learning facilities and enough space where kids can learn to bake, cook, and express themselves. 

Our kitchen also sources ingredients from local farms and businesses, which helps to support native populations.

Why Did You Become A MRGEDA Member?

Our kitchen partnered with MRGEDA about three years ago. MRGEDA has been helping us obtain grants so that we can upgrade our equipment, expand our advertising, and bring more clientele and help the kitchen sustain itself.

They’ve really been helpful. We might not be operating had we not partnered with MRGEDA and Kirstin.

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