Grow Your Business, Support New Mexico!

Executive Board

Kirstin Keller, Executive Director
Bruce Swingle, Chair
Michael Olguin, Jr. Vice Chair
Wendi Otero, Treasurer
Gail Rogers-Tripp, Secretary

Board of Directors

Kim Skinner
Nick Keller
William Stone
Stephen Buckley
Kristen Gamboa
Kathy Elverum

Ex Officio

Deborah Dean
Louise Marquez, NMEDD
Dennis Franklin, Sierra Electric Cooperative
Don Wolberg, Socorro Electric Cooperative


Top Reasons to Join MRGEDA
  1. Guidance for a smooth transition to our area.
  2. Referrals to local contractors you can trust.
  3. Immediate local support.
  4. Use our website and social media as a launch for your grand opening.
  5. B2B networking.