Kendall Schroeder, the owner of the Wandering Scorpion in Socorro talks about how she came up with the name and the amazing food she serves.

Interviewer: Where did the name “The Wandering Scorpion” come from?

Kendall: I wanted something that was going to be catchy. I’m actually a Scorpio, so I thought, “I’ve got to come up with something.” It’s kind of personal. Scorpio, Scorpion–so I was like, “Let’s go with that.”

I was literally just brainstorming names. I really just wanted something catchy. So I was like, “That’s it. Like wandering, you know. I get to go all over since I’m a food truck.” I wanted something that people were going to remember, and so far, a lot of people really love the name and they kind of remember it. 

Interviewer: What kinds of foods are you serving?

Kendall: It’s kind of tricky because the cart laws are different than food truck laws. I can do anything on my cart that’s not raw. So I make different sandwiches. I have quite a variety. I have a Montana melt with Huckleberry aioli, ham, Havarti, and caramelized onions. Oh, it’s to die for.

It kind of throws people off because they’re like, “Huckleberry? Sweet & savory? I don’t know.” But once people try it, they fall in love, and that makes my heart so happy.

Then I have a New Mexico melt. That one has kind of evolved over this last year. It used to be on sourdough with cheddar; now it’s on a white sub roll and it’s got green chili garlic aioli, provolone, turkey, and roasted tomatoes. People just love that one. I think it’s partially because of the green chili, but it’s a really good sandwich as well. 

I’ve got a bougie grilled cheese with three different cheeses; smoked Gouda, Havarti, and cheddar on Texas toast with herbed butter. 

I’ve got a roast beef sandwich. I love that I can make these sandwiches. I’ve also added some soups now and then. 

My pastries are pretty popular as well. I’ve got a brownie and a pumpkin spice cake that actually won Best in Show at the county fair, so that’s pretty neat. 

I’ve been hitting the farmer’s market. I make breakfast over there. I’ve got a breakfast burrito that’s a little bit different than your typical New Mexican breakfast burrito. It’s got roasted garlic aioli and maple sausage, and then I do the hash browns by hand with Colby Jack cheese–it’s delightful.

It’s been really great. I have a lot of people that ask, “Where’s the quesadillas? Where’s the enchiladas?” And I’m like, “You can go to any other restaurant in Socorro and get that.” I wanted to try and come up with something that would be a different type of cuisine for Socorro, to give them that variety.

Interviewer: So are those flavors and styles that come from Montana?

Kendall: Before I moved to Socorro, I was working at a bistro called Bonelli’s Bistro up in Montana. We would come up with a different special for the day every single day. 

So, I took a lot of my knowledge from the bistro and put some different sandwiches together. Easy assembly is key because everything on my cart has to be pre-made. So I make it all at the commissary, in the kitchen, and then I just throw it together on my cart. I grill it on up and make it nice. 

I really wanted to come up with some different things, especially with the Montana melt. A lot of people down here have never had Huckleberries. So, I’m glad that I can kind of bring that different flavor to Socorro so that people can try something new and kind of expand their palate, you know?

I always tell people, “If you’ve never had Huckleberry, now’s your chance to try it.” You can’t grow Huckleberries commercially, and they only grow in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and some parts of Canada. So, it’s really a treat to have it down here.

Interviewer: It’s so cool talking with you about this. It’s so cool just to hear your passion and feel it, man.

Kendall: Thank you. I love food and my favorite part about the cart is like seeing people take that first bite. You see their eyes roll back in their head and they lean back and they’re like, “Yes, that was so good.” You know, I just love that. My slogan is “Food for your soul, not for your skinny jeans,” and I really try to make that true.

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